About NeuTerre

About NeuTerre

The Neuterre Promise

A Naturally Derived Whole Food Iron Supplement You Can Trust

Here at NeuTerre, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your optimum level of health, naturally. Our whole food supplements are specially designed to address your unique health needs using ancient tradition that provide sophisticated products with high bioavailability.

Our innovative, patented and patent-pending process for creating our supplements is modeled off a centuries-old fermentation process used across Asia. Through koji fermentation, we produced an iron supplement free of animal and soy products, designed for the consumer who cares about what they’re putting in their bodies.

When you take Neuterre Whole Food Iron Supplements, you’re enjoying a whole food containing iron naturally stored by koji that does not cause high iron surges into the blood. You can be sure that you’re getting the iron you need without any of the unpronounceable ingredients and negative side effects you may find in other brands of supplements. Learn more about the Neuterre difference.