3 Ways Iron Can Help You Improve your Workout

Iron is an important micronutrient in the human body. It helps out with several essential functions, like DNA synthesis and electron transport. But most importantly, it’s part of the substance in red blood cells that transports oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body. When healthy red blood cells supply enough oxygen to your body, especially to your muscle tissue, you’ll likely have more energy and may perform better at daily tasks and workouts.

iron improve workout

Here are three ways that iron may help your workout:

Iron helps supply your muscle cells with oxygen

In order to repair and grow, muscles need oxygen carried to them via the bloodstream, and iron is part of that important process. The iron in your body is mostly found in two proteins, hemoglobin and myoglobin, which work to transport and store oxygen in your body. Hemoglobin transports oxygen throughout the body from the lungs to the tissues. When muscles require oxygen, myoglobin carries oxygen from the red blood cells to mitochondria in muscle cells to produce energy, essential for your workout.  

Having oxygen delivered to the muscles in times of stress - such as pushing yourself during training - can help you perform better. Studies conducted with different animals living under extreme conditions, such as deep underwater or at high altitudes, showed that animals had different ways of increasing the oxygen sent to their muscles via hemoglobin and myoglobin, allowing them to survive. Based on studies like these, researchers believe that increased oxygen delivery, which is carried by iron, is almost always associated with higher performance.

Iron helps fight fatigue

Have you ever felt tired or weak during a workout? Since iron works to carry oxygen to the tissues in our body, low levels of iron can affect your body’s performance. This is especially true for female athletes, who are more prone to low iron due to menstruation. Both male and female athletes can lose iron through intense workouts. That’s why iron supplements are a great option to help athletes maintain normal iron levels.

Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body. If there is not enough iron to produce healthy red blood cells, you’re not getting enough oxygen and you’ll start feeling fatigued. With enough iron, you’ll feel more alert and ready to tackle everyday tasks, including your strength or endurance training.

Iron can improve athletic performance

Female endurance athletes are at greater risk of iron deficiency, leading to reduced work capacity and energetic efficiency.  Iron supplementation was shown to maximize endurance training benefits in women rowers, prevent iron loss and enhance strength in female volleyball players, and attenuate the reduction of iron levels in female soldiers.  

However, this effect is not unique to women.  Reduction in serum iron levels has been also shown in athlete men after three consecutive high-intensity training bouts showing that high-intensity exercise can increase the risk of iron deficiency and/or anemia.

Whole food iron supplements for better workouts

Iron is vital for everyone’s health, but especially for athletes and bodybuilders. Athletes who need a boost in their workout performance, mental clarity, and energy level may need additional iron from iron-rich diets or iron supplements. Neuterre Whole Food Iron Supplements are naturally-derived supplements from koji that may help improve an athlete’s performance and lifestyle.

These supplements are slow-release, which means you’ll not get a high surge of free iron in your blood, which can increase oxidative stress and your susceptibility to infections. Learn more about our iron supplements for athletes and see if Neuterre is right for you.