Health Benefits - Men

Health Benefits - Men

Understanding Iron Deficiencies in Men

Men, in general, require more caloric, protein, and carbohydrate intake than women. They also have naturally higher muscle mass and tend to burn more calories during everyday activities than women. As a result, many men need more food to feel full and energetic throughout the day.

However, having access to the right foods that support energy, mood, and muscle creation is not always easy. As a result, many men lack the vitamins and minerals they need to sustain energy, build muscle, and burn fat. One mineral that is critical for sustaining energy, balancing mood, and helping men build muscle and burn fat is iron.

What Does Iron Do For Men?

Iron is the main component that binds oxygen to blood cells in the body. As oxygenated blood travels through the body, muscles are activated, the body feels more energetic, and breathing during exercise is much easier.

The benefits of sufficient iron help you think clearer, feel more alert during the day, and effectively burn off the calories they consume. It can also help you achieve a highly effective workout, as well as boost post-workout recovery and muscle building. After all, you need oxygen and blood flow to heal and build muscle.

Iron is also closely linked to immune function, sleep, and overall mood. Without enough iron, you may notice some negative side effects that can affect your day and overall health. And while iron deficiency is much more common in women, it is not infrequent in men.

Do Men Need More Iron?

Adult men (18+) need about 8 mg of iron a day, but new studies are finding that many men are not getting sufficient iron. Some men are prone to iron deficiency, whether because of a medical condition or just a natural predisposition. Signs of iron deficiency in men include:

  • Fatigue
  • Pale skin
  • Shortness of breath
  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Tingling in the hands and feet

Irritability, decreased cognitive function, strange cravings, and frequent infections can also be signs of low iron in men. If you’re noticing that you’re struggling with these symptoms and have not found another cause, it may be time to get your iron levels checked out.

Do You Need an Iron Supplement?

If you’re noticing symptoms that could be related to low iron, call your doctor and schedule a simple blood test. As soon as you get the results back, you will know if your issue is related to iron or not. If it is, your doctor will likely recommend a high-quality iron supplement, as well as some additional iron-rich foods to add to your daily meals.

If your doctor finds that you have low iron as a result of a medical condition, predisposition, or diet, you’ll need to find an iron supplement that is designed with the male body in mind. 


Why Choose Neuterre Whole Food Iron Supplements?

Men and women alike should only use a high-quality iron supplement that is easily absorbed, slowly released to avoid high iron surges into the blood, and gentle on the body. Neuterre Whole Food Iron Supplements are:

  • Naturally fermented
  • Iron is slow release from koji and does not cause high iron surges into the blood.
  • The only iron supplements made with Ultimine™ koji fermented minerals
  • Made according to the highest quality standards

Men can support their healthy lifestyle with Neuterre Whole Food Iron, which is designed for slow release and easy absorption within the body. Try Neuterre Whole Food Iron and see how much more rested, energetic and nourished your body feels.

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